Experimental Testing of Combustion Parameters and Emissions of Waste Motor Oil and Its Diesel Mixtures

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The production of hydrocarbon fuel from waste engine oil is an excellent way to produce alternative fuels. The aim of the research in this paper is obtaining fuel with a mixture of waste engine oil (WMO) and diesel fuel that can be used as an alternative fuel for internal combustion engines and low power heat generators. With this goal in mind, tests were conducted to estimate the combustion parameters and emissions at a low heat output of 40 kW.Waste motor oils (WMO) and four of its diesel mixtures were used, varying in weight from 20% WMO to 50% WMO. Test results were analysed and compared with diesel fuel. Higher NO, CO and CO2 emissions were determined for WMO and its mixtures compared to diesel fuel. The flue gas temperature in the kiln was high for all WMO and diesel blends, which indicates the efficiency of the input energy. The absorption of flue gases in the scrubber with distilled water showed higher presence of sulphates, sulphides, nitrates and nitrites compared to allowable values.
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combustion; parameters; diesel fuel; waste motor oil; emission