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    About Eigen-Problem of Single Photon Hamiltonian
    (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2008) Delić, N. V.; Pelemiš, S.; Šetrajčić, J. P.
    Altered state of consciousness is a consequence of quantum change which is presented by photons. There is not exist adequate theory, to describe this phenomenon. Linearized single photon Hamiltonian is used for the analysis of its features in coordinate systems. It can be concluded that photon behavior is equally determined by its translation characteristics (impulse components) and its rotation characteristics expressed by way of spin operators.
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    (2012) Grujić, Slavica; Grujic, Radoslav
    The aim of this paper was to give an overview of up-to-date papers covering sensory evaluation and consumer preference research that can form a basis for user-oriented food product development in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The paper points out the most important factors with impact on food products fail, that may arise as a consequence of not matching consumers’ needs. Collecting of appropriate information concerning consumers’ needs and expectations are essential requirements of a consumer-oriented product development. Consumer’s sensory tests can provide sensory information related to food product quality and consumers preference, useful and important for product quality control and improvement. The elements with impact on consumers’ food products preferences are identified and discussed. Success and survival of SMEs on the market could be expected if producers identify and satisfy current and future needs of consumers. Management and policy makers of the enterprise should support development and implementing sensory programs within an enterprise, and use it as a tool for ensuring quality of product and competitive food manufacturing. Consumer-oriented food product development should be considered as a tool for building competitive advantage and long-term enterprise success in the market and for prevention of negative changes in product quality and acceptability, consumers’ complaints and product rejection
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    (2012) Savanović, Danica; Grujić, Slavica; Grujić, Radoslav; Savanović, Jovo
    Food product quality and stability during storage is very important for the successful manufacturing. It is known that different factors during processing have impact on quality characteristics of final product. The aim of the study was to investigate influence of selected food additives with antioxidant and stabilising functional characteristics on quality of finely comminuted boiled chicken sausages “parizer” type, during storage. Samples were produced in industrial conditions, five experimental model samples with selected additive blends added separately to each: (a) 0.04% GUARDIAN Rosemary Extract 08 (Natural rosemary extract, E471, E472a, E1520); (b) 0.10% (based on the fat content) GRINDOX 539 Antioxidant (E304, E306, E322, rapeseed oil); (c) 0.30% GRINDSTED Carrageenan CC 310 (E407, E410); (d) 0.30% GRINDSTED MEATLINE 345 A Emulsifier and Stabiliser System (E401, E516, E470a, E450); (e) 0.30% GRINDSTED MEATLINE 333 Stabiliser System (Carob germ flour, E466) and (f) control sample, according to the producer’s specification. The samples had adequate chemical composition. Sensory evaluation of selected sensory characteristics was done 7 days and 35 days after samples production: (1) by the descriptive sensory analysis - scoring method, and (2) by discriminatory sensory analysis - ranking method, after assessment and comparison of the overall quality of sausages model samples. The results of the sensory analysis indicated differences between model samples dependent on added additives. On the basis of descriptive sensory evaluation results, it was found that the best quality of compared had sausage sample produced with addition 0.30% GRINDSTED MEATLINE 345 A Emulsifier and Stabiliser System (E401, E516, E470a, E450). Discriminatory sensory analysis – ranking confirmed that finding.
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    Changes in Optical Characteristics of Dielectric Nano¯lm Structures in Relation to Bulk Ones
    (2012) Šetrajčić, J. P.; Delić, N. V.; Šetrajčić, I. J.; Rodić, D.; Armaković, S.; Šetrajčić-Tomić, A. J.; Pelemiš, S. S.; Škipina, B.
    A microscopic theory of optical properties of ideal ultrathin molecular films, was formulated in bosonic and nearest-neighbor approximation. Calculating of dynamical permittivity by the single-pole Green's functions have shown that the threshold of light absorption, refraction, reflection and transmission can be moved along frequencies, changing the film thickness. This can give a great contribution to practical ultrathin film engineering, especially to construction of drug delivery nanoparticles in nanomedicine.
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    The catalytic microwave synthesis of biodegradable polyester polyols based on castor oil and l-lactide
    (2017) Kojić, D.; Erceg, T.; Vukić, N.; Teofilović, V.; Ristić, I.; Budinski-Simendić, J.; Aleksić, V.
    Various strategies for achieving a functional poly(lactic acid) (PLA) have been developed such as ring-opening copolymerization with a functional monomer, the use of functional initiator and various post polymerization modifications. It is possible to obtain the star shaped polymer using natural oil with at least three OH groups as an initiator. It was estimated that despite of low-molecular mass of star-shaped PLA, the hydrophobic castor oil central core influenced the slow degradation rate in the case of injectable biomedical application. The star-shaped polymers with low-molecular-mass have a lower melt viscosity correlated with linear counterparts. In soft tissue reparation the polymer viscosity increases with fluid body contact and the solid implant can be formed. To ensure liquid state at injection temperature the low molar mass polymer is favorable. There is a particular size for each macromolecular chains at which chain entanglement occurs. In this work the influence of the l-lactide (LA) and the castor oil (CO) contents on the size of biodegradable branched polyester polyols was studied. The average molecular masses of synthesized polymers were estimated by GPC procedure. In sample formulations the [LA]/[CO] ratios were from to 113 to 533. Mn values for obtained polymers were from 5000 to 20000 Da. The molecular mass distribution for the resulting polymers was between 1.09 and 1.37.