Informational technology in bioclimate analysis of Višegrad for health spa tourism

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Previous studies of the helth spa resorts have included just balneo analysis. Spas and health resorts have changed the concept of treatment. The earlier concept was included only long-term treatment and recovering older people and people with diseases. Today, spas and health resorts are based on prevention of illness. They promote service for people of all ages regardless of health status. Natural curative factors such as mineral water, healing mud, healing gases, healing climate (air bath) are important for the treatment of many diseases, recovery after injury or illness, stress, prevention and recreation. This paper try to give a biclimatic analysis of the Višegrad in order to point up recreational value of this therapeutic spa. The subject of this paper is analyses of equivalent temperature, comfort zones and zones of stuffiness that are processed on the basis of the meteorological data for thirty years (1961- 1990) observation in town of Višegrad. . We use software with related database created by authors.
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Bioclimatology, Informational Technology, , equivalent temperature, health spa