Informational Technology in Bioclimate analysis of Banja Luka for tourism recreation

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Some types of tourism strongly depend of weather conditions. The aim of the paper is to present how weather variables come together in order to give a climate meaning for tourism. The study has a goal to present a bioclimate analysis of Banja Luka to explore climate-recreation relationship evaluating actual weather conditions. The analysis is based on the human heat balance through the bioclimate model manenvironment heat exchange. The final results show biothermal weather classification for recreation based on the outdoor human heat balance. In this analysis, daily meteorological data were used for two extreme months, January and July 1990 (meteorological station of Banja Luka). We use software with related database created by authors. The idea is to show how weather can be evaluated for recreational needs in the health resorts of Banja Luka surroundings within development of health tourism and spa therapy in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
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Bioclimatology, Informational Technology, Biothermal weather classification