Development of Integrated Linear Programming Fuzzy-Rough MCDM Model for Production Optimization

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One of the most common tools for achieving optimization and adequate production process management is linear programming (LP) in various forms. However, there are specific cases of the application of linear programming when production optimization implies several potential solutions instead of one. Exactly such a problem is solved in this paper, which integrates linear programming and a Multi-Criteria Decision-Making (MCDM) model. First, linear programming was applied to optimize production and several potential solutions lying on the line segment AB were obtained. A list of criteria was created and evaluated using the Improved Fuzzy StepwiseWeight Assessment Ratio Analysis (IMF SWARA). To obtain the final solution, a novel Rough compromise ranking of alternatives from distance to ideal solution (R-CRADIS) method was developed and verified through comparative analysis. The results show that the integration of linear programming and a Fuzzy-Rough MCDM model can be an exceptional solution for solving specific optimization problems.
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linear programming; IMF SWARA; production optimization; Rough CRADIS