A Novel CRITIC-Fuzzy FUCOM-DEA-Fuzzy MARCOS Model for Safety Evaluation of Road Sections Based on Geometric Parameters of Road

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Trends of globalization very often cause the emergence of phenomena that asymmetrically affect the overall sustainability of the transport system. In order to predict certain situations and potentially be able to manage the transport system, it is necessary to manage risk situations and trffc safety in a timely manner. This study has conducted an investigation which implies defining the level of safety of a total of nine sections of two-lane roads. The main aim of the paper is to create a new multiphase model consisting of CRITIC (The CRiteria Importance Through Intercriteria Correlation), Fuzzy FUCOM (Full Consistency Method), DEA (Data Envelopment Analysis), and Fuzzy MARCOS (Measurement Alternatives and Ranking according to the COmpromise Solution) methods for determining the level of traffc safety on road sections under the conditions of uncertainty. In order for the created model to be adequately applied, eight parameters were created, and they were classified through four inputs and four outputs. To calculate the significance of the inputs, the CRITIC method based on the symmetric correlation matrix was used, and taking into account the nature of the outputs, the Fuzzy FUCOM method based on averaged values using the fuzzy Bonferroni Mean (BM) operator was applied to determine their weights. To determine the degree of safety, the DEA model was created. After that, the Fuzzy MARCOS method was used in order to determine the final ranking of the remaining five sections of the road network. Finally, the verification of results was performed through three phases of Sensitivity Analysis (SA).
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road safety; geometric parameters; CRITIC; fuzzy FUCOM; DEA model; sustainability