Article A Novel Entropy-Fuzzy PIPRECIA-DEA Model for Safety Evaluation of Railway Tra c

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The conditions of globalization often dictate the functioning of transport markets, so it is necessary to conduct frequent research in order to achieve sustainable business. This is achieved through adequate risk and safety management at all levels. The research carried out in this paper includes determining the state of railway tra c safety in a total of nine railway sections in Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H). The aim of this paper is to develop a new integrated Entropy-Fuzzy PIPRECIA (PIvot Pairwise RElative Criteria Importance Assessment)-DEA (Data Envelopment Analysis) model for determining the state of safety in B&H under particular conditions of uncertainty. Additionally, the aim is to combine the advantages of linear programming (DEA), an objective method (Entropy), and a subjective method (Fuzzy PIPRECIA). In this way, an integrated objective subjective model is created that provides accurate and balanced decision-making through their integration. Eleven sustainable criteria were defined and divided into six inputs and five outputs. The Entropy model was used to determine the weight values of the inputs, while due to the nature of the outputs, Fuzzy PIPRECIA was used to evaluate them. After the application of the two methods, the way of averaging their values was defined. The DEA model, which implies an input- and output-oriented model, was applied to determine which railway sections have satisfactory performance in terms of safety. Two sections were eliminated from further computation due to extremely poor performance and high risk. Then, the weighted overall e ciency ranking method was applied to determine the final ranking of the railway sections. The results obtained were verified through a sensitivity analysis, which involved changing the impact of the five most significant criteria and a comparison with two Multi-Criteria Decision-Making (MCDM) methods
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railway safety; entropy; fuzzy PIPRECIA; DEA model; sustainability