Determining the Content of Silicon Dioxide in Bauxites Using X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry

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Iranian Institute of Research and Development in Chemical Industries (IRDCI)-ACECR
The X-ray fluorescence spectrometry and the MA.BM.006 reference spectrophotometric methods were used to determine the content of SiO2 (%) in bauxites from different deposits. The treatment of samples prior to the analysis involved the following steps: annealing, melting using the borax method, and the formation of beads. Certified reference bauxite samples were used for the calibration curve. The calibration curve was produced with the correlation coefficient of r =0.9999 and the standard error of S = 0.0246. The average residual value between the content of SiO2 determined using the XRF method, and the reference method was 0.045, with a standard deviation of 0.068. The XRF method was statistically verified by the F- and t-tests (using the standard sample and the reference method). The values obtained in the tests show that the XRF method yields accurate results and that there are no standard errors.
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XRF method; Spectrophotometric method; Bauxite; Silicon dioxide.