Adaptive Fuzzy Model for Determining Quality Assessment Services in the Supply Chain

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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Slavonski Brod; Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computing and Information Technologies Osijek; Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture Osijek
The problem that is being addressed in this paper is to improve the services provided by company and achieve better communication between companies in the supply chain. Therefore, a qualitative assessment of service has been required. This service is characterized by a group of parameters, which are often inaccurately estimated values, as well as their importance for the evaluation system. This is often the result of assessor´s uncertainty, variability of conditions, etc. Therefore, in the context of AM4SCM (Adaptive Model for Supply Chain Management) a mathematical model for evaluating the quality of services has been developed (FAM4QS - Fuzzy Aggregation Method for Quality Service) which is based on the fuzzy arithmetic. Selection of different values for the degrees of fuzzy power mean, which are used for evaluation of parameters or groups of parameters of the system and the service, contributes to a better assessment and it is due to the varying nature of the parameters. The observed model was simulated on 17 supply chains on the territory of the Republic of Serbia. Service quality assessment is carried out based on data from the user requirements - participants of supply chains binding the so-called fuzzy aggregation function.
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AM4SCM (Adaptive Model for Supply Chain Management); Software quality; Software services; Supply Chain Management