Determination of Titanium Dioxide Content in Bauxites Using X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry by Fusion and by Pressing

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Slovenian Chemical Society
Bauxites of different deposits were analysed for their content of TiO2 (mass %), using X-ray fluorescence spectrometry and the reference spectrophotometric method JUS B.G8.514. The samples were prepared in two ways: fusion with a borax technique and pressing, after which beads were formed for the purpose of analysis. Certified reference samples of bauxite were used for producing a calibration curve. The equation for calculating the content of TiO2 (mass %) in the samples of bauxite was derived from the calibration curve. Results of the XRF method were tested statistically by means of the F-test and the t-test (the standard sample of the bauxite and the reference method). The values obtained from the afore mentioned tests for the fusion beads showed that the XRF method was precise and correct and that there were no systematic errors, whereas for the pressed beads this method showed significant systematic errors.
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XRF analysis, bauxite, titanium dioxide