Potential Application of Nano Zero Valent Iron in Environmental Protection

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Nanoscale zero-valent iron particles (nZVI) have been studied intensively in recent years as a new and promising technology for environmental remediation. nZVI is a readily available and low-cost reducing agent, which also has high reactivity towards a broad range of contaminants. Nonetheless, pivotal points to be addressed are its stability against aggregation, its mobility in subsurface environments, and its longevity. This chapter gives an extensive review of the progressive research and development activities in regard to environmental protection through iron-based nanoparticles. Methods for synthesis of different types of supported iron-based nanomaterial, as well as their characterization, are discussed. The lack of knowledge is evident regarding use of the same nanomaterials for treating different environmental mediums and various chemical species. Thus, the chapter includes two case studies, covering the usage of several supported nZVI for remediating solid porous media polluted with metals, as well as for treating wastewaters containing dye molecules. Case studies also indicate a broader applicability of these processed materials, emphasizing the possibility for further commercialization of supported nZVI.
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Supported nano zero valent iron, Environmental remediation, Toxic metal polluted sediment, Dye wastewater