The Role of Green Internet of Things (G-IoT) and Big Data in Making Cities Smarter, Safer and More Sustainable

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University of Bahrain
The world population growth and increased demands for limited goods consequently imply the necessity for more efficient use of materials and resources. As the novel advances in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) have totally revolutionized the numerous areas, their utilization at the same time possesses a negative influence on the human health and the environment. For that reason, the society is going toward the greener future where the usage of raw and non-renewable materials and resources will be reduced while energy consumption and pollution will be decreased. As ICT can be considered as a tool for addressing environmental problems, Green Internet of Things (G-IoT) takes one of the most important roles on the way to create a green and sustainable place for living. Big data analysis is essential in achieving valuable insights from voluminous and various G-IoT generated data. The obtained knowledge enables easier decision-making, forecasting and other activities regarding smart city services, and in return contributes to a continuous improvement of G-IoT technologies. Hence, even the vision of smart and sustainable cities has already become a reality, the G-IoT approaches and insights achieved from Big data analysis will make cities significantly smarter, safer and more sustainable. This paper tries to summarize the role of novel technology advancements and Big data’ achievements in the process of creating cities where the quality of life will be enhanced alongside reduced pollution and more efficient utilization of goods. It has been shown that G-IoT and Big data operating symbiotically successfully contribute to the fruition of smart and sustainable city vision.
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G-IoT, Big data, Green, Sustainable, Smart, City