Laser influence to biosystems

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Association of the Chemical Engineers of Serbia
In this paper a continuous (cw) lasers in visible region were applied in order to study the influence of quantum generator to certain plants. The aim of such projects is to analyze biostimulation processes of living organisms which are linked to defined laser power density thresholds (exposition doses). The results of irradiation of corn and wheat seeds using He–Ne laser in the cw regime of 632.8 nm, 50 mW are presented and compared to results for other laser types. The dry and wet plant seeds were irradiated in defined time intervals and the germination period plant was monitored by days. Morphological data (stalk thickness, height and cob length) for chosen plants were monitored. From the recorded data, for the whole vegetative period, we performed appropriate statistical data processing. One part of experiments contains the measurements of coefficient of reflection in visible range. Correlation estimations were calculated and discussed for our results. Main conclusion was that there was a significant increment in plant's height and also a cob lenght elongation for corn.
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laser, biostimulation, biosystems, plants, doses, reflection coefficient, correlation