Experimental investigation of pyrolysis process of agricultural biomass mixture

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Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary
This paper describes an experimental investigation of pyrolysis process of agricultural biomass mixture, without the addition of inert gas. The mixture consists of corn stalk, wheat straw, soy straw and oat straw with equal mass fractions. During the experiment, the mass of biomass sample inside the reactor was 10 g with a particle diameter of 5-10 mm. The sample in the reactor was heated in the temperature range of 24-650ºC at average heating rates of 21, 30 and 54ºC/min. The sample mass before, during and after pyrolysis was determined using a METTLER P1000 digital scale. Experimental results of the sample mass change indicate that the highest yield of pyrolytic gas, achieved at 650ºC, was in the range from 74 to 81%, while char yield ranged from 19 to 26%. Heating rate of biomass mixture sample has significant influence on the pyrolytic gas and char yields. It was determined that higher heating rates in the reactor induce higher yields of pyrolytic gas, while the char mass reduces. Condensation of pyrolytic gas at the end of the pyrolysis process at 650ºC produced 1.3-1.8 g of liquid phase. The results obtained represent a starting basis for determining material and heat balance of pyrolysis process as well as agricultural biomass pyrolysis equipment.
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pyrolysis · agricultural biomass mixture · reaction temperature · gas yield