Supercritical Extraction of Salvia officinalis L.

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In this paper supercritical fluid extraction with carbon dioxide at different pressure was investigated and the total yield of the extract was measured. With increasing pressure from 80 to 300 bar extraction yield was increasing. It was due to the fact that supercritical carbon dioxide density increases by increasing pressures. Qualitative and quantitative analyses obtained extracts and essential oils obtained from these extracts were done using GC/MS and GC/FID analyses. Also, investigation of the extraction kinetics in the function of pressure (80, 100 and 200 bar), where every point of kinetic curve with new sample of drug in extractor was obtained is performed. The highest extract yield was obtained at pressure 200bar (4.17g/100g drug). At the end of the extraction process, CO2 – extract has been removed, and content of residual essential oil in the drug was determined. Essential oil content in drug after supercritical extraction was the highest at pressure 80 bar.
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