Numerical research of thermal stress in a gas burner with a cylindrical mantle in relation to its construction

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Over the last few years there has been a great interest in research into the improvement of gas condensing boilers with pre-mixing. Many researchers are concerned with the improvement of the construction of these boilers, whose individual parts directly affect some parameters such as combustion efficiency, burning intensity, flame stability and NOx emissions. The outer mantle of a cylindrical burner stands out among the parts of the structure as the said parameters depend on it This paper analyses the outer cylinder of the premixed burner in relation to thermal stress. Numerical FEM analysis was performed based on experimental measurements and CFD input data. The tests were carried out in different gas and different materials. The results obtained show different thermal stresses which are dependent on the different gas and materials on the outer cylindrical mantle. This indicates the necessity to optimize materials and patterns applied to the outer cylindrical mantle of the burner, which will be the subject of further research.
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