A Proposition of Low Cost Sensor Web Implementation Based on GSM/GPRS Services

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In past few years, automatic remote systems for monitoring a wide range of environment or process parameters have exposed a rapid growth concerning the technology issues. Entering the era of Internet of Things (IoTs), a highly dynamic and radically distributed networked system, usage of small, cheap, flexible and end-user programmable computer hardware becomes apparent. These objects, deployed in various environments, are able to communicate and to interact among themselves, with end-users or other entities in the network. Using such objects, tasks like monitoring, control or data processing can be easily done. But, in some case, the target environments are often too dangerous, hazardous, unwired, or difficult to access. In such unfriendly environments there are many challenges for monitoring systems (wireless sensor networks) deployment and maintenance. As the possible solution, in this paper we have suggested the creation of an economical remote monitoring system, based on cheap computer board (Raspberry Pi), wireless sensors and GSM/GPRS (Global System for Mobile Communications/General packet radio service). In other words, the Raspberry Pi platform is utilized as central processing unit which provides a set of services for accessing sensor data, and communicates with end users, while different types of sensors (depending of target parameters) can constitute the detection module. 3G/4G USB Modem or GSM/GPRS shields can be used as GSM/GPRS communication module in order to ensure Internet connection. A whole system presents an IoT solution, precisely a Sensor Web node, which can be accessed all over the world, and provide information from a monitored environment. Performed research shows a possibility of setting up this system for a remote communication, control function and monitoring in unfriendly environments. The usage of low cost pieces of hardware verifies that the Raspberry Pi is highly suitable for numerous IoT concept applications and especially in the unfriendly environments.
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Internet of Things; Sensor Web; Raspberry Pi; GSM; GPRS;