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    Long Term Monitoring and Connection between Topography and Cloud Cover Distribution in Serbia
    (MDPI, 2021) Valjarević, Aleksandar; Morar, Cezar; Živković, Jelena; Niemets, Liudmyla; Kićović, Dušan; Golijanin, Jelena; Gocić, Milena; Martić Bursać, Nataša; Stričević, Ljiljana; Žiberna, Igor; Bačević, Nikola; Milevski, Ivica; Durlević, Uroš; Lukić, Tin
    The use of weather satellite recordings has been growing rapidly over the last three decades. Determining the patterns between meteorological and topographical features is an important scientific job. Cloud cover analysis and properties can be of the utmost significance for potential cloud seeding. Here, the analysis of the cloud properties was conducted by means of Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) satellite recordings. The resolution of used data was 1 km2 within the period of 30 years (1989–2019). This research showed moderate changing of cloudiness in the territory of Serbia with a high cloudiness in February, followed by cloudiness in January and November. For the past three decades, May has been the month with the highest cloudiness. The regions in the east and south-west, and particularly in the west, have a high absolute cloudiness, which is connected with the high elevation of the country. By means of long term monitoring, the whole territory of Serbia was analyzed for the first time, in terms of cloudiness. Apart from the statistical and numerical results obtained, this research showed a connection between relief and clouds, especially in the winter season. Linear regression MK (Mann-Kendall test) has proven this theory right, connecting high elevation sides with high absolute cloudiness through the year.
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    Assessment of Outdoor Thermal Comfort in Serbia’s Urban Environments during Different Seasons
    (MDPI, 2021) Lukić, Milica; Filipović, Dejan; Pecelj, Milica; Crnogorac, Ljiljana; Lukić, Bogdan; Divjak, Lazar; Lukić, Ana; Vučićević, Ana
    The urban microclimate is gradually changing due to climate change, extreme weather conditions, urbanization, and the heat island effect. In such an altered environment, outdoor thermal comfort can have a strong impact on public health and quality of life in urban areas. In this study, three main urban areas in Serbia were selected: Belgrade (Central Serbia), Novi Sad (Northern Serbia), and Niš (Southern Serbia). The focus was on the temporal assessment of OTC, using the UTCI over a period of 20 years (1999–2018) during different seasons. The main aim is the general estimation of the OTC of Belgrade, Novi Sad, and Niš, in order to gain better insight into the bioclimatic condition, current trends and anomalies that have occurred. The analysis was conducted based on an hourly (7 h, 14 h, and 21 h CET) and “day by day” meteorological data set. Findings show the presence of a growing trend in seasonal UTCI anomalies, especially during summer and spring. In addition, there is a notable increase in the number of days above the defined UTCI thresholds for each season. Average annual UTCIs values also show a positive, rising trend, ranging from 0.50 C to 1.33 C. The most significant deviations from the average UTCI values, both seasonal and annual, were recorded in 2000, 2007, 2012, 2015, 2017, and 2018.
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    (Society of Serbian Mathematicians, 2010) Tomić, Miloš
    A theorem on the expansion of the derivative f(r1; r2; :::; rn); where f 2 Lp; and the derivatives of singular integrals into the series of band - limited functions ( entire functions of exponential type ) , which converges in Lp for 1 p q < 1; is proved . The norms of their items are estimated by best approximations by \ an \
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    (Institute for Biological Research, Serbia, 2012) MAKAROV, S. E.; ĆURČIĆ, B. P. M.; MILINČIĆ, M.; PECELJ, Milica M.; ANTIĆ, D.; MITIĆ, B. M.
    A new genus and species of Anthroleucosomatidae is described from Serbia. Dazbogosoma naissi n. g. n. sp. is characterized by the presence of few ocellae, apically bifurcated syncoxite, and the presence of complex lateral parts of anterior gonopods with truncated process. The new genus belongs to the Bulgarosoma complex of genera that probably deserve a suprageneric level.
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    (Institute for Biological Research, Serbia, 2012) ĆURČIĆ, S. B.; ĆURČIĆ, B. P. M.; PECELJ, M.; PECELJ, JELENA M.; ĆURČIĆ, NINA B.; PECELJ, MILICA M.; MILINČIĆ, M.; RAĐA, T.; MAKAROV, S. E.; MITIĆ, B. M.
    A new genus (Punctoduvalius gen. n.) and a species of trechine ground beetles (Punctoduvalius orlovacensis sp. n.) from Bosnia and Herzegovina have been described and diagnosed. Punctoduvalius gen. n. is clearly distinct from all other phenetically close genera in many important respects, such as: the presence of depigmented reduced eyes, the presence of a pigmented eye border, the presence of deep and complete frontal furrows, the presence of tiny setae on the genae, the presence of distinct longitudinal fissures on the protibias, the ratio of length/width of the first protarsal article in males, the presence of two elytral discal setae, the presence of numerous setiferous punctures in interstrial spaces, the specific position of the humeral setae, and the specific shape of the copulatory piece. This new genus comprises four species: Punctoduvalius pilifer (Ganglbauer, 1891) (endogean from Mts. Treskavica and Bjelašnica, and from a cave on Mt. Visočica, Bosnia and Herzegovina), P. protectus (Winkler, 1926) (from the Pećina kod Ostojića Cave, Mt. Treskavica, and endogean from Mt. Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina), P. brevipilosus (Knirsch, 1927) (endogean from Lupoglav Peak, Mt. Prenj, Bosnia and Herzegovina), and P. orlovacensis sp. n. (from the Orlovača Cave, village of Donje Biševo, near Pale, Bosnia and Herzegovina). The four species clearly differ in many important respects.