A Single-Valued Neutrosophic Extension of the EDAS Method

This manuscript aims to propose a new extension of the EDAS method, adapted for usage with single-valued neutrosophic numbers. By using single-valued neutrosophic numbers, the EDAS method can be more efficient for solving complex problems whose solution requires assessment and prediction, because truth- and falsity-membership functions can be used for expressing the level of satisfaction and dissatisfaction about an attitude. In addition, the indeterminacy-membership function can be used to point out the reliability of the information given with truth- and falsitymembership functions. Thus, the proposed extension of the EDAS method allows the use of a smaller number of complex evaluation criteria. The suitability and applicability of the proposed approach are presented through three illustrative examples.
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neutrosophic set; single-valued neutrosophic set; EDAS; MCDM