The Changes in the Status of the Foot Arch, Motor Abilities and Morphological Characteristics Under the Influence of Training Processes of Sports School

The aim of the study was to examine the infl uence of training processes modeled after the School of Sport of Faculty of Pedagogy, on changes in the status of the foot arch, motor abilities and morphological characteristics of preschool and young school children. The study was of longitudinal character. The experimental training program was conducted from 1st September 2018 till 1st December 2018. The follow-up included 92 subjects in total, divided into two sub-samples: one comprised of experimental group subjects, 45, and the other, control group of 47 subjects. The analysis of the status of the foot arch was performed with a Digital Computer Podoscope. For the assessment of the motor abilities a battery of motor abilities was used, modeled after Bala, Stojanović, Stojanović, (2007). Measurement of morphological characteristics was performed with the application and adherence to the International Biological Program. Using the MANOVA and χ2 test, the results obtained after the final measurement show statistically signifi cant changes in motor abilities, morphological characteristics, and the status of the arch of the foot in children.
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Postural status, motor abilities, morphological characteristics, School of Sport of Faculty of Pedagogy