What’s in the Box: Design of an Open Didactic Robot Environment

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We present a realization of a didactic robot environment for robot PUMA 560 for educational and research purposes. Robot PUMA 560 is probably the mathematically best-described robot, and therefore it is frequently used for research and educational purposes. Adeveloped control environment consists of a robot controller and teach pendant. The advantage of using a personally developed solution is its open structure, which allows various tests and measurements to be performed, and that is highly convenient for educational and research purposes. The motivation behind the design of this personal didactic robot control environment arose from a survey for students after the first Summer School on Mechatronic Systems. The student questionnaire revealed severe discrepancies between theory and practice in education. Even though the primary purpose of the new control environment for robot PUMA 560 was research, it was established that it is a viable lab resource that allows for the connection between theoretical and industrial robotics. It was used for the duration of four Summer Schools and university courses. Since then, it has been fully integrated into International Burch University’s Electrical and Electronics Engineering curriculum through several courses on the bachelor and master levels for multidisciplinary problem-based learning (PBL) projects.
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educational robots; FPGA computing core; robot programming