Our results in the treatment of tarsal dislocations

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Serbian Medical Association
Introduction/Objective Tarsal dislocations are rare injuries. Usually, they are caused by high-energy trauma. Depending on the type of dislocation, surgical treatment or closed reduction is used. In this study, 13 patients are presented with the aim to analyze the type of feet dislocations, their treatment, and outcome. Methods Tarsal dislocation cases treated in the University Hospital in Foča were analyzed during the period 2009–2016. All the cases were clinically and radiographically examined and monitored on control examinations at least three years. The mobility of joints was measured and pain existence was estimated by visual analogue scale. Results All 13 patients with tarsal dislocation were male. Four patients were treated surgically (two patients with tarsometatarsal and one with cuboid and navicular dislocation) and other patients had non-surgical treatment. In 10 patients, an excellent functional result has been achieved and in two patients with tarsometatarsal dislocation a good functional result. In one patient with cuboidal dislocation satisfactory functional result has been achieved. Conclusion Out of the 13 reviewed patients with tarsal dislocations, functional results were rated as excellent in 10 dislocations, good in two, and satisfactory in one. Diagnosis and treatment of foot dislocations are demanding, but a favorable functional outcome can be expected with an adequate treatment of these injuries.
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foot; injuries; outcome; treatment