Optimization of Water Supply System Using Software EPANET 2.0

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Concepts of planning water supply networks in countries in transition were based at the beginning and during 20th Century, when most of the existing objects were built. In that period main aim of water supply system was to provide sufficient amount of water for the population and economy, so the water objects were planned based on the input available at that time. Upgrades of water supply systems were done in different scale, without systematic approach to an integral overview to a weakness in whole system. New concept of Water Utilities, which has appeared in countries in transition, changes approach where in old systems water utilities have to satisfy demand driven consumption towards the system where utilities start to managing with demand managed consumption. First task to use new concept is introduction of efficiency in management and maintenance of water supply system. In this paper there is presented the process of water supply system optimization by using software package Epanet 2.0 on real example of DMA Pavlovac which is part of water supply system under the authority of the UC “Vodovodikanalizacija” East Sarajevo.
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District metered area · Optimization · Water supply system