Biomimetics Design for Tribological Applications

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Faculty of Engineering Sciences, Kragujevac
Biomimetics, biomimicry and bionics are synonyms for the scientific discipline of creating new structures inspired by nature. Biomimetics systematically analyses the evolutionary processes of living organisms, their structural relationships, the characteristics of natural materials and it studies how this knowledge can be used to create the optimal products and new sustainable materials. In the past decade, the biomimetics has received an incentive for the development by the technology modernization, and above all, by making it possible to study the micro- and nanolevels of biological structures. On the other hand, the miniaturization of technological devices has increased the need to understand the tribological phenomena on micro- and nanolevel, where is a huge potential for technological innovation. The integration of advanced research methods made it possible to discover new aspects in the structure and properties of biological materials and transfer that knowledge into new concepts or products. State-of-the-art of biomimetics progress is discussed, as well as, its goals and the potential to simultaneously achieve the financial and ecological contribution by realization of bio-inspired concepts. An overview of biomimetic researches is also provided, with special emphasis on the possibility of their tribological applications. The characteristic examples have been presented and those examples show how the structural and mechanical properties of the material were used as the basis for developing new creative solutions to solve the problem of friction in engineering applications.
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Biomimetics Bionics Biomimicry Tribology Friction Nanotechnology