Creating a Decision-Making Model Using Association Rules

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Being a highly significant and complex function of management, decision making requires methods and techniques that simplify the process of selecting one choice among all available options. Decision making is therefore selection of that particular choice over any of several alternatives. Because of the process complexity, a continuous research and improvement of the methods and techniques modern decision making involves is required. One of many modern business challenges is to discover any possible improvement in the decision-making process managers shall use in making the right decision. Any decision made by managers directly impacts the realized profit, business, and company’s position on the market. The fact is that mankind faces the decision-making problem in each phase of its social development, which has resulted in increased need for learning more about it. In this work, both the significance and application of association rules will be analyzed on an example of car sales business. The research was conducted on a sample of 1728 transactions in order to recognize and establish the association rules and then determine their impact on the sales and profit. For the purpose of this research, a large car sales database was used as a source of information, which is also described in this work. Once these association rules were established, they were then used to create a better and more complete market supply. The main contribution of the paper is providing business intelligence model for performing association rules in real-term business settings.
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