Evaluation of fitness index and maximal oxygen consumption of students using the UKK 2 km walk test

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University of Pitesti Publishing House, Romania
One of the factors that, in the modern way of life and work, has an important role in preserving the abilities and health of the human body is certainly a physical activity. A very common way of assessing the state of aerobic fitness of a particular population are diagnostic tests on the basis of which we receive the necessary information when it comes to general physical condition of a defined population. This diagnostic evaluation is usually performed in the laboratory (direct methods), however, available and reliable data are about high reliability in the performance of some field tests (indirect methods). Depending on the field conditions, very often these measurements are performed using estimates of general ability (test UKK 2km). To perform this test data about body height, body weight, BMI, the values of the pulse rate and walking time during the test must be contained in it. Based on testing using the UKK 2km are obtained Fitness Index values (FINDEX) and maximal oxygen consumption (VO²max) of students of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, in order to determine and define the physical condition of respondents. The results showed that the fitness index (101.89) in the upper zone average (101.89) and VO²max = 47.26 reflects good shape
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field testing, diagnostics, aerobic fitness, UKK 2km.