Exploring Wineries andWine Tourism Potential in the Republic of Srpska, an Emerging Wine Region of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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The aim of this paper is to present the current state and wine tourism potential in the Republic of Srpska with the primary focus on its wineries and their activities towards attracting wine tourists from all over the world. To achieve this, a survey was conducted among 37 wineries in the Republic of Srpska. The first part of the questionnaire included data about planted grape varieties, annual yield, wine production, vineyards areas, and winery staff information. The second part of the survey was dedicated to the degree of participation of wineries in wine tourism activities and the services offered to wine tourists. Results indicate that the major factors thwarting further wine tourism development are the lack of accommodation and catering facilities as well as tours in foreign languages. One of the problems is the current lack of wine routes generally seen as critical supporting tools for wine tourism development. Based on the research results, the authors propose two wine routes in the Republic of Srpska, the Northern and Southern wine routes. Further wine tourism development should be focused mainly on these areas.
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wine tourism; Republic of Srpska; Bosnia and Herzegovina; wine routes